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Kavi Gajendra Solanki

Brand Name on the Stages of Kavi Sammelans

Kavi Gajendra Solanki

Kavi Gajendra Solanki is a magnificent poet and outstanding “Manch Sanchalak” of Hindi Kavi Sammelan. He poses a special place is the heart of his audience for his comic poetry and vibrant satire. He is continuously performing since last three decades and become one of the most popular comic poet, which hold the valuable place in the heart of his audience. His presence on the mike forces his audience to laugh and enjoy the true essence of life through his poetry of humor. He is also a very acclaimed writer. He has written number of good books on philosophy, nature, patriotism, politics, society, education, religion, spiritualism and issues of current importance. He has written more than 400 geet, chanda, and muktak. He has given 2000 outstanding performance on stage of Kavi Sammelan across the world and received lots of love and affection from the audience. He received number of awards for his matchless contribution in field of literature. In 2003, he received “Yuva Bhushan Samman” (Port of Span) and many other awards by the Government and non-government organization  of India like “Bharat Vikash Parisad”, “Rotary club”.

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